Occupy Movement News Update of the Day

Occupy Movement News Update of the Day

Occupy Movement News Update of the Day: Following yesterday’s dismantling by Oakland PD of the Occupy Oakland tent cityerected outside City Hall two weeks ago, some 1,000 people attempted to reclaim the plaza and were met with fierce resistance from local authorities.

Dramatic video footage from last night’s clashes show canisters of tear gas, among other projectiles, being fired at demonstrators.

According to Interim Police Chief Howard Jordan, the gas was deployed “to stop people from throwing rocks and bottles at police.” An earlier statement attributed the loud noises heard in the area to M-80s hurled at police by protesters and not flash-bang grenades, which police say were not used. The statement goes on to confirm the firing of “approximately four bean bag rounds at protesters.”

Two photos posted on Twitter claim to show rubber buckshot rounds found during last night’s action, contradicting Oakland PD’s claim that no rubber bullets were used.

Officials say two police officers were injured after being splattered with paint. The number of injured civilians was not available, but at least one protester — a veteran — was wounded by either a rubber bullet or a bean bag round (video after the jump).


102 people in all were arrested according to Jordan, the majority of whom are expected to be released today.

Though The Oakland Tribune says the scene is now quiet, Occupy Oakland has issued a call to its supporters via Twitter, asking people to come back to the plaza tonight at 6PM (local time) “for round three.”


A similar eviction took place in Atlanta, where police cleared the local Occupation’s base of operations at Woodruff Park. 52 people were arrested, and the park was shut down. Atlanta Police released a statement announcing that anyone entering the park was subject to arrest.

Despite concerns that it would suffer a similar fate, Occupy Baltimoreremains in tact this morning, as the city — which recently declared the movement an “illegal encampment” — remains silent on its plans.

Occupy San Diego protesters, despite being warned by police not to do so,returned to Civic Center Plaza this morning. It was unclear if police would remove the tents as they did two weeks ago.

Meanwhile, at the protest that launched a thousand protests, the local community board agreed to support the movement, but only if protesters promised to adhere to certain conditions, namely limiting the use of musical instruments to two hours a day — something the drummers have not been very good at doing.

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According to a new CBS News/New York Times poll, 43% of Americans agree with Occupy Wall Street; the NYPD claims gun crime is up as a direct result of the Occupy Wall Street protests; a new report from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office says the top 1% doubled their share of the country’s income since the late 70s.